Bits & Bytes

Who doesn’t love learning shortcuts and computer tips?  Computer Sense shares its “Bits & Bytes” of computer tips on a regular basis.  Check out these little nuggets of knowledge being shared…

Microsoft Outlook File Attachment

This tip is for use within Microsoft Outlook 2016


Easily the most popular feature in Microsoft’s Outlook 2016 version is the improvement to attaching files to an email.  Need to send a file you’ve recently worked on?  Within an email message, simply click the Attach File button, and choose it from the list that appears.  That’s it, you’re done!  Productivity increased, and frustration from searching eliminated!


Screenshots in a Snap

This tip is for use within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint (even Outlook and Excel!) 2010 or newer…


In the 2010 and newer versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint - and for that matter Outlook and Excel as well, it is extremely easy to insert screen captures to your document by selecting Screenshot from the Insert Tab. Doing so launches a gallery of currently open windows, and you can click one to insert an image of the window right into your document without multiple clicks.

Excel's Newest Super Hero - Flash Fill

Flash Fill Feature

This tip is for use within Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2016...


With the launch of the 2013 version of Excel, a new super hero was born:  Flash Fill.  For those of you tasked with spreadsheet creation, this additional tool brings a whole new level of intuitive assistance to your design.  Flash Fill is the bigger, badder cousin to the Auto Fill handle we have come to know and love, and works almost like magic by analyzing what you are typing into a given cell or column and adjacent columns for patterns - and then suggests a fill down option.