Excel Basics

The Excel Basics course introduces the learner to the fundamentals of creating brand new spreadsheets along with modifying existing ones. The Excel environment and its customization is covered amidst the various formatting and appearance enhancements for printing and sharing spreadsheets.

Visio Basics

Visio is an illustration tool used primarily for drawings consisting of freehand and stencil shapes along with text elements. Popular illustrations like flowcharts and organization charts are the main focus, even though various drawing templates will be explored.

Visio Advanced

Visio Advanced empowers you to go further with this illustration software tool. You will learn how to take your drawings to the next level, along with how to incorporate customization to the overall working environment to ease creation of future illustrations.

PowerPoint Advanced

The Advanced class concepts will further enhance your abilities to effectively communicate ideas in a PowerPoint presentation. You will take a deeper look into the behind-the-scenes settings that control much of what the presentation shows to the audience.