Access Advanced

Access Advanced is designed for the highly skilled Access user. The learner will build upon previous knowledge of the database objects as well as incorporate automation through macros to build even more of an end-user environment.

Excel Intermediate

Excel Intermediate will take you deeper into the powers of the software. Training topics include how to utilize some of the built-in calculating functions, data list management (like sorting, filtering, and Subtotal functions), using cell names, charting and more.

Access Intermediate

Access Intermediate introduces more in-depth skills used in database management including table relationships and referential integrity. The learner will gain a more thorough understanding of the database objects to build additional functionality into the database.

Access Basics

Access Basics establishes a foundation of database management systems concepts. The learner will become familiar with database terminology and also the skills needed for creating, manipulating and saving a database.

Office 365

Office 365 is a Microsoft cloud solution where you can use various software tools in a web-based environment. Concepts are taught during this session for the learner to understand the differences on using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook in a web-based format.