Acrobat Advanced

Course Description: 

Acrobat Advanced is for individuals needing PDF documents for professional print production. The learner will understand how to apply custom settings files, manage color issues, and apply printer marks, hairlines, color separations, trap settings, and transparency settings. You also learn how to prevent typical printing problems, create and edit interactive forms, redact content, enable usage rights, and distribute and compile forms.

Acrobat Basics or equivalent experience
Software Version: 
DC, XI, X, 9, 8
Course Highlights: 
  • PDF generation methods
  • PDF file attributes
  • PDF settings
  • Color management basics
  • Color management workflow
  • Soft proofing colors
  • Converting colors
  • Color separation setup
  • Separations preview
  • Ink Manager
  • Trapping
  • Transparency flattening
  • Print problems
  • Preflight profiles
  • Preflight reports
  • Preflight droplets
  • Validation
  • Forms and Adobe LiveCycle Designer
  • Creating a form
  • Form fields
  • Modifying a form
  • Testing a form
  • PDF distribution
  • Form management
  • Printing color separations
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