Excel 2019 New Features

Course Description: 

Excel has grown to become the most friendly spreadsheet program on the market. The new interface of Excel 2019 makes it easier to work with data and calculations, plus there are improvements in how you tackle laying out spreadsheets overall. This session will enlighten you on how to work with Excel 2019 enhancements.

Working knowledge of Windows and Excel
Software Version: 
Microsoft (Office) 365, 2019
Course Highlights: 
  • Introduction to the new 2016/2019 Excel interface
  • Working in compatibility mode
  • Improved formula management
  • New page layout view
  • Expanded Excel templates
  • Tracking spreadsheet changes
  • Familiarization with Ribbons
  • Working with table formats
  • Enhanced conditional formatting
  • Design options in page layout
  • Comparing spreadsheets side by side
Upcoming Classes: 
Friday, September 24, 2021 - 1:00pm
3-Hour Class Only $125.00
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