Office Tips & Tricks

Course Description: 

If you use Outlook, Word and Excel with any frequency then this session is for you! Amazing time-saving shortcuts and good-to-know features are taught about each of those three software apps along with common features that can help you with ALL of the Microsoft Office suite apps!

Working knowledge of Windows, Word, and Excel. Outlook knowledge is a plus, but not required
Software Version: 
Microsoft (Office) 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010
Course Highlights: 
  • Common Office Features
  • Pinning Files and Folders
  • Screenshot Capabilities
  • AutoCorrect Definitions
  • Word
    • Default Font and Line Spacing
    • Reveal Formatting
    • Click and Type
    • Text Selection Shortcuts
    • Understanding Indentation
  • Excel
    • AutoFill Techniques
    • Drag and Drop Moving
    • Date Functions
    • Wrap Cell Text
    • AutoCalculate
    • Cell/Range Names
    • Page Layout View
  • Outlook
    • Convert Outlook Objects Between Folders
    • Set the Opening View of Outlook
    • Signatures in E-mail
    • Add Holidays to Calendar
    • Category Customization
    • Setup Search Folders
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Friday, November 12, 2021 - 9:00am
3-Hour Class Only $125.00
Half-day classes are either weekdays from 9am to 12pm or from 1pm to 4pm, unless otherwise specified. WE OFFER FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING, SO PLEASE REQUEST AN ALTERNATE CLASS DATE IF NEEDED!
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