SharePoint Foundation Power User

Course Description: 

This accelerated half-day course is designed for the "Power User" who has been assigned sufficient permissions to a SharePoint site and needs to learn how to navigate and add content to the site. This course assumes familiarity with computers and experience using Windows. During this course, the user will learn how to navigate and contribute to the site contents and capabilities. This course is by request only. Please call (330) 262-2343.

There are 3 different course offerings for SharePoint to accommodate roles like the power end user (half-day), the content manager (one full-day) and an administrator (two full-days). Refer to the Course Highlights for the training topics breakdown.
Software Version: 
Desktop and Cloud/Office365: 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010
Course Highlights: 

The main focus of the Power User session is on Document Libraries as far as how they are setup, uploading documents, establishing libraries settings for check-in/out and versioning, and how to customize the view of the library contents. As time permits, an introduction to other types of libraries and lists are covered.

This course is by request only. Please call (330) 262-2343.
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Half-day classes are either weekdays from 9am to 12pm or from 1pm to 4pm, unless otherwise specified. WE OFFER FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING, SO PLEASE REQUEST AN ALTERNATE CLASS DATE IF NEEDED!
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