Windows Basics

Course Description: 

Windows Basics introduces the learner to the newest Windows graphical user interface. The learner will become familiar with the Windows taskbar and Start Menu features along with other customizable settings. Managing windows and dialog boxes on-screen, setting up shortcut icons, and personalizing the desktop are all a part of the learning. Essential skills are covered by tapping into the File Explorer to help you manage files on the computer.

Software Version: 
Windows 11, 10
Course Highlights: 
  • Start Menu functionality
  • Taskbar Use and Customization
  • Pinning Apps
  • Windows Components
  • Switching Between Apps/Programs
  • Searching/Help
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Built-In Accessories (WordPad, Calculator)
  • Settings and Control Panel
  • Customizing Windows
  • My Computer
  • File Explorer
  • Working with Multiple Files
  • File Management
  • Copy, Move, Rename and Delete Files
  • Creating Folders
  • Recycle Bin
  • Restart/Shutdown Options
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