Our Environment

"The energy in this class was great, and I had a blast learning!  Having the steps to refer back to in the book is amazing."
Kristen H., Columbus Regional Airport Authority

“It was a low stress class with plenty of opportunity to stop and review when questions were asked.”
Tom E., ArtiFlex

“The instructor's manner and happy disposition made a long class with fairly dry material fly by! Bravo!”
Alan R., dlhBOWLES

“Very comfortable training environment with thorough instruction. Learned a lot!”
Kristine L., Buehler’s Food Markets

“Comfortable pace with explanations of each topic plus the take-home materials will be helpful.”

Janet C., Certified Angus Beef

“What I really enjoyed about the class was that it was taught hands-on from a standpoint of practical application rather than just reading us the book on how to do things.” 
Megan S.; The Babcock & Wilcox Company

“The best thing about this class was that the instructor was very knowledgeable and informative - not many instructors can make computer training fun like she did!”
Michael Y., Lincoln Electric Company
"It’s very helpful to work through examples as each topic is presented."
Tyler W., Schaeffler Group - LuK USA
"Another great class at a great speed for learning!"
Mike R., Tekfor
“The instructor took the time to answer questions specific to our needs.  I learned a lot and got my questions answered.
Rachel C., Wayne County Sheriff's Department
“I really enjoyed the small class size and being able to ask questions about specific problems and what pertained to my job.”
Ashley G., Wooster Brush Company
“It was extremely helpful to be able to ask questions pertaining to our business.”
Brenda P., Compass Systems and Sales
“The class was very beneficial to what I work on. Excellent instructor and presentation. I got a lot out of the class!”
Lisa M., Alpha Security Products
“The best thing about the computer class is that it was very informative and laid back. Great class! Great teacher!"
Beth T., MTD Products
“There were good explanations provided of everything we learned which made it easy to understand. I really enjoyed the class!”
Jenny F., Wooster Brush Company
"The instructor is engaging with a clear and precise presentation, and the course lessons are easy to understand."
Charles L., Columbus Regional Airport Authority