Excel Pivot Tables

Excel Pivot Tables is a focused 3-hour session on just about every facet of setting up and utilizing PivotTables for data summary analysis. Specialty features like grouping within a pivot table, creating additional pivot table calculations and generating pivot charts are covered too.

Word Forms and Templates

Word Forms and Templates is a half-day session designed for people who need to create electronically fillable forms in Microsoft Word. Learn about the different field types available for the form data entry, along with how to protect the form before distributing it.

Word Whiz

Word Whiz is a half-day session designed for learners who are already familiar with the basics of Word, but want to quickly accelerate their proficiency with Word. Tap into some of the lesser known but greater power features!

Word Advanced

Word Advanced is intended for those who are ready for complex publishing applications. There is focus on setting up fillable forms, recording macros, collaborative document features, managing long documents, securing documents for distribution and so much more!

Lotus Notes Advanced

This Advanced level course will teach you how to use Lotus Notes to manage documents in various types of databases. You will learn to create, edit and save documents in a database where other Notes users can read, respond to, edit and print them.

Photoshop Advanced

The Photoshop Advanced class is designed for the power user of Photoshop.  A lot of emphasis is placed on color correction and printing preparation.  There is practice using the Color Management system, color separation settings, color balancing on images, enhancing image quality, touch-up on sca

InDesign Advanced

Students will learn how to administer advanced styles, control text, handle page elements, graphics, and paths, develop Bézier paths, manage long documents, import and export files, adjust print settings, and work with XML.

This course is by request only. Please call (330) 262-2343.