Word Whiz

Word Whiz is a half-day session designed for learners who are already familiar with the basics of Word, but want to quickly accelerate their proficiency with Word. Tap into some of the lesser known but greater power features!

Word Forms and Templates

Word Forms and Templates is a 1-hour session designed for people who need to create electronically fillable forms in Microsoft Word. Learn about the different field types available for the form data entry, along with how to protect the form before distributing it.

Word Advanced

Word Advanced is intended for those who are ready for complex publishing applications. There is focus on setting up fillable forms, recording macros, collaborative document features, managing long documents, securing documents for distribution and so much more!

Visio Advanced

Visio Advanced empowers you to go further with this illustration software tool. You will learn how to take your drawings to the next level, along with how to incorporate customization to the overall working environment to ease creation of future illustrations.

PowerPoint Advanced

The Advanced class concepts will further enhance your abilities to effectively communicate ideas in a PowerPoint presentation. You will take a deeper look into the behind-the-scenes settings that control much of what the presentation shows to the audience.

PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Fun and creativity are what it is all about in PowerPoint. But do you realize all of the hidden features of PowerPoint that can really make your presentation easier to put together let alone more effective to present to your audience? If not, then this is the session for you!

Publisher New Features

Publisher 2021/2019 has now been built on the new look of Office apps! Learn about the new Ribbon where you control how to design various desktop publications, setup pages, place text and graphical content, insert new special embellishments, and finalize a publication.

Outlook Advanced

Outlook Advanced definitely digs deeper into the full potential of Outlook. You will understand how to create custom views and forms, change environment settings, grant permissions, archive old information and other cleanup measures, along with how to import/export content.