Windows 11 has arrived!

Windows 11 is available as of October 5, 2021 and is a FREE upgrade to existing Windows 10 users!

For more information on your computer compatibility for this upgrade, check out the upgrade requirements which includes the "PC Health Check" app that can tell you whether or not your computer is a candidate for upgrade or if it might be time to buy a new one in order to run Windows 11.

Word Whiz

Word Whiz is a half-day session designed for learners who are already familiar with the basics of Word, but want to quickly accelerate their proficiency with Word. Tap into some of the lesser known but greater power features!

Word Tips & Tricks

Ever wondered if you are doing things the hard way or long way in Word? Well then come and learn Word Tips and Tricks! The concepts learned will be put to use immediately in making you more efficient and effective in Word!

Word Mail Merge

In this compacted 1-hour session you will learn how to mass produce letters, labels and envelopes through the Mail Merge feature within Word. Class examples of Mail Merge use Excel as a data source, yet other data sources are discussed.

Microsoft Outlook File Attaching Made Easier

This tip is for use within Microsoft Outlook 2016 or later


One of new fan favorites in Microsoft Outlook is the improvement to attaching files to an email.  Need to send a file you’ve recently worked on?  Within an email message, simply click the Attach File button, and choose it from the drop-down list that appears.  That’s it, you’re done!  Productivity increased, and frustration from searching eliminated!


A Note about OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a powerful organization software that many of our clients utilize to collect their thoughts, notes, and other snippets of information. A digital notebook of sorts. It can also be a valuable collaboration tool to share with others when working on projects. This article details some recent, and upcoming, changes to OneNote you may want to be aware of.