New Features Classes

Office New Features

Microsoft Office 2021/2019 has a new look and feel from previous versions of the Microsoft Office Suite. This session will acquaint you with common features across all the Office apps. Key upgrade features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be covered as time permits.

Publisher New Features

Publisher 2021/2019 has now been built on the new look of Office apps! Learn about the new Ribbon where you control how to design various desktop publications, setup pages, place text and graphical content, insert new special embellishments, and finalize a publication.

Excel New Features

Excel has grown to become the most friendly spreadsheet program on the market. The new interface of Excel 2021/2019 makes it easier to work with data and calculations, plus there are improvements in how you tackle laying out spreadsheets overall.

Access New Features

Access 2021/2019 gives databases a whole new look and feel. Even the most experienced Access database user or developer can benefit from this session to be introduced to the new interface and methods of working with database elements.