Specialized Classes

Word Forms and Templates

Word Forms and Templates is a 1-hour session designed for people who need to create electronically fillable forms in Microsoft Word. Learn about the different field types available for the form data entry, along with how to protect the form before distributing it.


Microsoft OneNote is a software tool that serves as an electronic notebook to organize snippets of electronic information as well as different software file contents pertaining to the same subject matter. You will learn how to maximize the usage of OneNote in this session!

Teams - Level 1

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app (an expanded tool incorporating former Microsoft Skype and Lync technology) to help you and your counterparts stay connected and organized to share information all in one place.

Power Packed PowerPoint

In this Power Packed half-day session, the student will learn about PowerPoint features to build even more effective presentations. Special content, motion features, delivery hints and so much more will truly help you to pack some POWER into your presentations!

Outlook Tips & Tricks

This course unveils some of the hidden talents of Outlook when working in mail, calendar, contacts and notes. You will be pleasantly surprised with the shortcuts and tricks that will make a difference in your day-to-day activities within Outlook.

OneNote Overview

This quick 1-hour overview of Microsoft OneNote will give you just enough information to get rolling in the electronic notebook software app to understand its structure and how to begin building content onto the notebook pages for your use or to share with others.

Office Tips & Tricks

If you use Outlook, Word and Excel with any frequency then this session is for you! Amazing time-saving shortcuts and good-to-know features are taught about each of those three software apps along with common features that can help you with ALL of the Microsoft Office suite apps!