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Our Staff

You will find the highest quality software instructors, consultants, and programmers at Computer Sense.  Our technical staff is selectively chosen to represent excellence in their subject matter, the ideals of professionalism, and the most effective communication skills.  We pride ourselves on having hands-on practical experience that we can teach from and not just "book knowledge".

All of our qualified and experienced technology staff members can help you to apply concepts in the most effective manner!  Who knows, you might even have some FUN along the way with us too!

The Training Coordinators at Computer Sense can answer your questions and assist you in scheduling any training or consulting sessions that you need.  We all stand behind the philosophy of doing what we know is right in order to keep things simple for our customers!

Come learn from and work with the best!

Through The Years...

Computer Sense prides itself on its historical existence in the northeast Ohio area with presence in its ever-growing global clientele for over thirty years!

We have seen technology change a lot over the decades of our existence.  We continue to stay on top of new software technology so we're one step ahead of what our clients might need from us as their technology needs change too!

Why We Exist

Our services are an investment in YOUR future knowledge and effectiveness with software, critical to professional and personal advancement. 

We Promise...

  • To offer premium-quality education and technical services at competitive yet affordable rates
  • To stay abreast of technological advances in software and technical certifications in order to solve critical day-to-day challenges in information technology
  • To be "thee" choice in technology training and consulting based on the high level professionalism and credibility of our trainers and support staff
  • To provide a comfortable, relevant and enjoyable learning environment to satisfy the needs and practical application of our customers
  • To develop curriculums which can address the needs of professionals in large corporations and small businesses, as well as for the individual consumer
  • To provide helpful and effective tips, techniques, and skills that can immediately be put to use

Our Growth

The strategic plan for the future focuses on controlled, selective growth in serving as a technology service provider primarily in the Northeast and Central Ohio areas, but also nationwide as our clientele needs arise and grow.  An ongoing objective we have is to remain a full service educational and technical service company into the technology future.

Why Choose Computer Sense?

There are various choices in this technology age for learning about computer software.  We believe your choice in Computer Sense is the correct choice if you're looking for hands-on instructor led training by software professionals who can teach from practical experience.

Here are a few key reasons why clients have chosen us for decades...

  • Our Location or Yours? We Offer Convenient Training Locations in Ohio OR We Can Come On-Site To Your Location (Ask About Our "Traveling Classroom")!
  • Professional Certified Instructors with Proven Technical Knowledge and High Caliber Training Skills!
  • Tips, Tricks and Techniques That Can Be Put To Use Immediately!
  • Free Follow-Up Technical Support For Your Questions!
  • Absolutely, Positively 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • We Are Microsoft® Office Certified and a Member of the Microsoft® Partner Program!
  • We Offer Volume Rate Discounts to Reward Our Loyal Clients!
  • Any Course Can Be Customized to Your Needs -Just Indicate What You Need So That We Can Help!
  • Complimentary Assessments of Skill Levels Can Be Performed to Properly Place Students in Classes


We are "thee" choice among many well-known and thriving businesses -- large and small -- for their software training, consulting and special project needs.

Experience the difference of partnering with a professional training company like Computer Sense!